About Sarah & Dusty

Dusty and I are out to live life according to our own rules. When did our society become so consumed by rules and boxes that have been defined by entities other than ourselves? What a packed question…. I get lots of answers when I ask others this question, but I have found that mostly, it’s a combination of all the answers that I hope you’re now thinking about. Some of the assumptions, rules, and boxes we’re tired of are:

Success being defined by title, status, or salary; GPA; pre-determined retirement age; the moldy practice of dictated work hours post-Industrial Revolution; ACT; organized religion; SAT; assuming devoted employees are only those with longevity; GRE; labels; calling a marriage successful just because a couple has been married for a long time; credit scores; ideological inertia just because one associates with a defined political party; and pretty much most things in the bureaucratic organizations that pushed us both out — Dusty from banking, me from nursing.

Now we will live for ourselves, for each other, and for our family, not for all those things that create an environment of fear and threaten to make people feel ‘less than’ when they don’t meet others’ expectations and work toward others’ goals.

All that to say, we’re going to cram our two dogs and ourselves into a camper, land wherever we might, and experience golden time in our not-so-golden years. Dusty will run his business, West38Moto, and I will write about whatever feeds my fancy for the day and do some other odds and ends to make myself purposeful.

I express my passion for humanity through writing; Dusty expresses his passion for life through riding. Sometimes those things align; sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t, we still move forward — Dusty feeding my appetite to express myself through writing and me helping to quench his thirst for creating motorcycle adventures for himself and others.